Liability Disclaimer

Yes, I am interested to participate. I acknowledge the fact that my participation in EnduRoMania is at my own risk. I agree that neither the International/European Motorcycling Federations (FIM/UEM) nor the Romanian Motorcycling Federation (FRM) nor the organizer may be held responsible for any damage sustained by myself, my vehicle or to its accessories or equipment during the meeting, however caused either by fire, accident or any other means, or by theft or deterioration. I also agree to personally be responsible for obeying the laws and regulations in force in all the counties, villages and areas I will visit during this event. As an EnduRoMania participant, I agree to respect these terms and conditions. By receiving the EnduRoMania documentation and using the services offered by EnduRoMania, I am agreeing to the above liability and EnduRoMania regulations.